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15-Minute Workout Ideas

Many spott3r members lead busy lives. They have households to run, jobs to fulfill, friendships to maintain. Getting to the gym can be difficult! But with a little incentive and some friendly guidance, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find our favorite 15-minute workouts. Squeeze one of these in on your busiest day and you can sleep happy knowing you’re one step closer to your fitness goals. (And if you’re registered for gym reimbursements, one workout closer to your cash reward!)

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1. Do a mini interval workout on the elliptical or treadmill. Start off walking for two minutes, jog for two minutes, sprint for one minute, jog two, sprint one, jog two, sprint one, jog two, and end with two minutes of walking.

More from PopSugar Fitness here.

2. Try targeting an area you’d like to focus on. We’re big fans of this back workout from Women’s Health and Refinery29‘s awesome  “butt kicking” workout (both only 15-minutes).


3. Download Nike Training Club’s fitness app. They have tons of focused workouts, from cardio bursts to core-crushers.

4. Can’t make it to the gym? Grab a chair. This quick series from Woman’s Day is something you can fit in between your morning coffee and zipping to the office.

5. Tackle your whole body – without the weights. This body-weight shape up requires zero equipment and will hit every area.

These are just a few of our favorite 15-minute workouts. Did we miss any of your favorites? Send us links in the comments below!

And for more routines that are short and sweet, check out our 15-Minute Workouts board on Pinterest!