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15 Fitness Resolutions for 2015: Your Healthiest Year Yet

The new year has arrived, and with it, a slew of excited gym goers determined to make fitness a priority. While setting resolutions for a healthier lifestyle is awesome (and encouraged), having too broad of goals can make keeping these resolutions difficult. To make your lives easier, we came up with some very specific, and very attainable goals for you! Check below for our 15 fitness goals for 2015:

Ensure success by checking out our fitness resolution primer: How to Hit your 2015 Fitness Goals

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Bump up your gym visits. Eliminate your excuses and make it happen! (Need more incentive? We’re giving out free eligibility checks for gym reimbursements for the month of January. See if you qualify here.

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This averages out to less than 10 miles a week, you can do it!

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You might be comfortable with cardio, but it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and hit the weights. Don’t know where to start? Ask a gym buddy to come along or a trainer to give you some tips.

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It’s hard to have a solid workout when you’re exhausted! Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night and you’ll have all the energy you need to crush it at the gym.

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A little cash incentive never hurts. Call your insurance company to see if you’re eligible for a gym reimbursement or let spott3r do all the work for you!

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Whether its a 5k or a marathon, any race is a good opportunity to be active with friends. (Doesn’t hurt that there is usually beer at the end.)

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Try one workout class you’ve never done before (think Zumba, pilates, or cycling!)

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One word: yoga.

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A cold can take a week or more to recover from! Make sure you don’t lose muscle mass by keeping your immune system healthy

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Maybe it’s drinking soda or smoking cigarettes. Eliminating one of your worst habits will put you one step closer to your healthiest you!

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Health is all about consistency. Find out what fitness class or time of day works for you and stick to it!

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This may sound like a lot but it averages out to less than 5 times per week. Remember, health is all about consistency!


Aside from a full-body workout, push-ups increase your metabolism, and better yet – can be done anywhere! Master perfect form to get the most out of this easy move

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The more members you have in your personal fitness team the more likely you are to workout – and to have fun doing it! Share this with someone you’d like to go to the gym with this year!

unnamed (3)We are closing out our 15 fitness goals for 2015 with a simple reminder – enjoy yourself! You’ll never keep up your workout routine if you dread it. Grab a new workout buddy or treat yourself to new gym garb! Now get out there and make 2015 your healthiest year yet!

Think we missed anything? Be sure to leave it in the comments below!

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Spott3r Spotlight: Beachbody Coach, Cecilia Esteban

We are delighted to introduce our newest spott3r friend, Beachbody coach, Cecilia Esteban! A bit of background:

Cecilia is a stay at home, homeschool mom to two awesome children and has been married to her best friend for 16 years. While she has always been active and interested in nutrition, it wasn’t until Cecilia joined a Team Beach Body Challenge Group coupled with nutrition and Shakeology that it all changed for her.

beachbody coach

“It was a great experience because I had teammates and a coach that kept me motivated and accountable. I am at my goal weight but I will not stop because being fit is a way of life.”

Cecilia became a Beachbody coach because she realized there was more to it than losing weight; she can actually help change a person’s life.

beachbody coachWhat motivates this inspiration coach to get to the gym?

“My motivation is to get a six pack and maintain what I’ve worked so hard for. It took me a while to realize that nutrition AND working out are needed to get results. As Dr. Hyman said, “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.’ I have to eat clean, (eat whole foods) 85% of the time and workout to see results.”

beachbody coach

Her biggest fitness achievement to date?

“I can do 30 real push ups without stopping!”

Favorite workout:

 T25 by ShaunT and Asylum2 by ShaunT

When Cecilia is crushing her workout, she likes to listen to Pandora Hip Hop Power Workout.

#NowPlaying on her iPod:

“Love on Top” by Beyoncé

“Play Hard” by David Gueta (rehab remix)

“Am I wrong” by Nico & Vinz

beachbody coach

beachbody coachLike all of us, Cecilia has her excuses for not making it to the gym.

“My biggest excuse was time. When Beachbody came out with T25, I had no more excuses. The workouts are 25 minutes. I schedule my workouts early in morning so I can get it done before the kids get up. Everyone can find time to workout for 25 minutes.”

She has a good workout when:

“I know I had a good workout when I’m dripping in sweat.”




 Cecilia leaves us with her favorite fitness quote:

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.”

Be sure to check out our Instagram, where Cecilia will be guest posting all week! You can also find her on her Instagram, Facebook, or her Beachbody team page.

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Monday Motivation: Fitness Goals

A new week, a new chance to get it right! Here are some ideas for fitness goals you can add to your routine over the next month:z

  1. Run 10 miles. Think one long run, and several, shorter stints.
  2. Add weights. Comfortable with your 5lb dumbells? Add a barbell to your squats or a 10lb medicine ball to your usual sit-ups.
  3. Plank for a total of 15 minutes. Similar to running you can try for a 2-minute plank or a few, longer ones.
  4. Go to the gym 5 times. Getting to the gym can be half the battle. Need more incentive? Use spott3r to find out if you are eligible for cash reimbursements from your insurance company (you likely are!)
  5. Pick one new machine and give it a try. The rowing machine, cycling bikes, and leg press are fun options.

Want to make sure you stick to your goals? Print these out and leave them around your office or home for added motivation!

photo (29)photo (32)photo (28)photo (35)photo (30)

Do you have any fitness goals you’re proud of or would like to achieve? Let us know in the comments below!

For more inspiration, visit our Fitness Goals board on Pinterest!



15-Minute Workout Ideas

Many spott3r members lead busy lives. They have households to run, jobs to fulfill, friendships to maintain. Getting to the gym can be difficult! But with a little incentive and some friendly guidance, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find our favorite 15-minute workouts. Squeeze one of these in on your busiest day and you can sleep happy knowing you’re one step closer to your fitness goals. (And if you’re registered for gym reimbursements, one workout closer to your cash reward!)

photo (18)

1. Do a mini interval workout on the elliptical or treadmill. Start off walking for two minutes, jog for two minutes, sprint for one minute, jog two, sprint one, jog two, sprint one, jog two, and end with two minutes of walking.

More from PopSugar Fitness here.

2. Try targeting an area you’d like to focus on. We’re big fans of this back workout from Women’s Health and Refinery29‘s awesome  “butt kicking” workout (both only 15-minutes).


3. Download Nike Training Club’s fitness app. They have tons of focused workouts, from cardio bursts to core-crushers.

4. Can’t make it to the gym? Grab a chair. This quick series from Woman’s Day is something you can fit in between your morning coffee and zipping to the office.

5. Tackle your whole body – without the weights. This body-weight shape up requires zero equipment and will hit every area.

These are just a few of our favorite 15-minute workouts. Did we miss any of your favorites? Send us links in the comments below!

And for more routines that are short and sweet, check out our 15-Minute Workouts board on Pinterest!