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Spott3r Exclusive: How Bravo star, Ryan Serhant, makes fitness a priority

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bailed on the gym because it just didn’t fit in your schedule. Or because you were too tired to get up for that early workout. (We know, we know. It’s hard.) But it’s not an excuse! We were able to sit down with Million Dollar Listing New York star, Ryan Serhant, who gave us the DL on how he manages to get his daily dose of fitness – despite being a television celeb and simultaneously conquering the real estate market! Let’s be honest with ourselves, if he can make time for fitness, we all can.

ryan serhant

1. Have multiple options

Ryan has a gym in his apartment building, and also spends time with his personal trainer Oscar Smith. If he has a full day at the office, you can find him at Equinox! Having multiple options allows Ryan to get his sweat in where he can.

2. Workout early

With everything on Ryan’s plate, the only time he has to squeeze in a workout is in the early morning.

“I used to wonder how people could work out at 4am. I used to think they were crazy! Now I know why. It’s how you make it happen.”

ryan serhant

3. Find what you love

Speaking of early workouts, Ryan knows that he has to incentivize himself with workouts he actually likes if he’s going to make it to the gym. What does that mean for him? Ryan is a good old-fashioned weights guy. He loves bench pressing, and advocates switching things up to keep things interesting.

ryan serhant
 ryan serhant

4. Find other things to look forward to 

Music is one key component to Ryan’s workouts. You can find him bench pressing to EDM mixes he finds via SoundCloud (you can see some of our favorite mixes here).

“It’s hard to wake up at 4:30 and kill myself at the gym. Music gives me something to look forward to.”

Want to know who Ryan is listening to at the moment?

Martin Garrix



5. What motivates Ryan to stay fit?

Ryan has learned that balancing his energy is extremely important to his success. Wearing so many hats can make it impossible to get a good night of sleep let alone get to the gym in the morning. He needs to make sure he is resting and using his time in the morning wisely – that extra hour can make or break his day.

Ryan leaves us with one last piece of advice for fitness newbies:

“Everyone makes a huge mistake of fads (bootcamps, intense cycling, etc.). These can make you want to shoot yourself! You think to yourself, ‘this sucks’. And then you don’t want to work out anymore. 

 Find something you like, that you are likely going to continue to enjoy. At the very least, find a physical activity you like, and do it with a friend. Start slow, and help each other.”

A huge thanks to Ryan for all of the valuable tips! (And congrats on the recent engagement!)

To follow Ryan and his adventures, check out his Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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Photo cred: Huffington Post, World of Wonder, Bravo TV, @RyanSerhant on Twitter

6 Tips for Morning Workouts

We know it’s not easy getting out the door for your am gym sesh. We’ve pulled together a little tool kit to help you out! Below are our 6 tips for your morning workouts.

morning workouts

1. Have your gym clothes and daytime outfit picked out the night in advance.

Need a boost where your gym clothes are concerned? Check out our “Workout Gym Clothes/Gear” board on Pinterest for inspiration!

2. Set your alarm 15 minutes before you actually need to wake up.

This allows time for your body to adjust.

Pro Tip: Try to wake up at the same time every day. This will make it much easier to get out of bed, we promise!


3. Before you start thinking about the tasks ahead, breath deeply and appreciate the silence.

Be thankful for waking up another day and vow to use it to its fullest potential!

4. Put on an uplifting song.

Our “Upbeat Workout Playlist” has everything you need for a happy morning.

Need a few more ideas? Here are some of our favorite workout playlists.

5. Eat a small, healthy breakfast.

This will activate your metabolism and help you get out the door. Some ideas include: toast and peanut butter, a smoothie, or a Cliff bar if you’re on the go.

6. Remind yourself that could be getting paid for it!

See if you are eligible for cash reimbursements here.


Image via: Intent Blog