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Spott3r Spotlight: Beachbody Coach, Cecilia Esteban

We are delighted to introduce our newest spott3r friend, Beachbody coach, Cecilia Esteban! A bit of background:

Cecilia is a stay at home, homeschool mom to two awesome children and has been married to her best friend for 16 years. While she has always been active and interested in nutrition, it wasn’t until Cecilia joined a Team Beach Body Challenge Group coupled with nutrition and Shakeology that it all changed for her.

beachbody coach

“It was a great experience because I had teammates and a coach that kept me motivated and accountable. I am at my goal weight but I will not stop because being fit is a way of life.”

Cecilia became a Beachbody coach because she realized there was more to it than losing weight; she can actually help change a person’s life.

beachbody coachWhat motivates this inspiration coach to get to the gym?

“My motivation is to get a six pack and maintain what I’ve worked so hard for. It took me a while to realize that nutrition AND working out are needed to get results. As Dr. Hyman said, “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.’ I have to eat clean, (eat whole foods) 85% of the time and workout to see results.”

beachbody coach

Her biggest fitness achievement to date?

“I can do 30 real push ups without stopping!”

Favorite workout:

 T25 by ShaunT and Asylum2 by ShaunT

When Cecilia is crushing her workout, she likes to listen to Pandora Hip Hop Power Workout.

#NowPlaying on her iPod:

“Love on Top” by Beyoncé

“Play Hard” by David Gueta (rehab remix)

“Am I wrong” by Nico & Vinz

beachbody coach

beachbody coachLike all of us, Cecilia has her excuses for not making it to the gym.

“My biggest excuse was time. When Beachbody came out with T25, I had no more excuses. The workouts are 25 minutes. I schedule my workouts early in morning so I can get it done before the kids get up. Everyone can find time to workout for 25 minutes.”

She has a good workout when:

“I know I had a good workout when I’m dripping in sweat.”




 Cecilia leaves us with her favorite fitness quote:

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.”

Be sure to check out our Instagram, where Cecilia will be guest posting all week! You can also find her on her Instagram, Facebook, or her Beachbody team page.

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Spott3r Spotlight: Michelle Wood

A warm welcome to Michelle Wood, one of our newest spott3r members! This full-time high school English teacher and Beachbody coach is excited to share her story online because she finally found a health and fitness plan that has worked for her.


Her biggest fitness achievement to date? Eight weeks after she has her second son (and second c-section), she started Insanity and finished it – which lead to T25, P90X3, Combat, and now PiYo. She’s lost 40 lbs, kept it off, and is now smaller and stronger than she was in high school!

“My current goal is to maintain my level of fitness for life and improve my flexibility and weight-lifting.”

What motivates this fit mom to go to the gym?

“My motivation is to be able to keep up with my boys for a lifetime of activity. I know how good it feels to be in shape so that keeps me going!”

1533897_566094256818227_1869175701_nMichelle’s favorite workout is T25.

“I absolutely LOVE getting a killer workout in 25 minutes in the comfort of my home. In the 10 workout videos, he covers everything from yoga to weight training to sweat-pouring cardio and has a schedule of when to do what. Shaun T is the most authentic, caring, motivating trainer there is!”



What’s your biggest excuse for not working out and how do you solve that?

“Usually it’s time. I am crazy busy with all of my responsibilities and the different hats I wear. My solution is no excuses. Just get it done. Even if that means I have to go somewhere sweaty afterwards. If I do miss a day, I do a double on Saturdays to make up for it.”


What’s your one piece of fitness advice?

“Find what you enjoy and share it with those you care about! That is why I love DVD workout programs I can do at home. You get all kinds of variety so you really see results and never get bored – and to check in with friends keeps you accountable!”

You know you had a great workout when:

“There is sweat pouring off my head and I’m crying laughing at the end. That euphoric feeling of really leaving it all out there on the floor and feeling energized for whatever comes next!”


On Michelle’s iPod right now:

1. “Happy” – Pharrell Williams

2. “Am I Wrong” – Nico and Vinz

3. “More” – Usher

Want to learn more about this fit mom? Check out her facebook page or her inspiring Instagram account: @coachmichellew.

We’ll also be posting about her fitness journey on our own Instagram! Be sure to stop by and learn more about the rest of our awesome spott3r community!

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