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Monday Motivation: Fitness Goals

A new week, a new chance to get it right! Here are some ideas for fitness goals you can add to your routine over the next month:z

  1. Run 10 miles. Think one long run, and several, shorter stints.
  2. Add weights. Comfortable with your 5lb dumbells? Add a barbell to your squats or a 10lb medicine ball to your usual sit-ups.
  3. Plank for a total of 15 minutes. Similar to running you can try for a 2-minute plank or a few, longer ones.
  4. Go to the gym 5 times. Getting to the gym can be half the battle. Need more incentive? Use spott3r to find out if you are eligible for cash reimbursements from your insurance company (you likely are!)
  5. Pick one new machine and give it a try. The rowing machine, cycling bikes, and leg press are fun options.

Want to make sure you stick to your goals? Print these out and leave them around your office or home for added motivation!

photo (29)photo (32)photo (28)photo (35)photo (30)

Do you have any fitness goals you’re proud of or would like to achieve? Let us know in the comments below!

For more inspiration, visit our Fitness Goals board on Pinterest!