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Zumba and Fitness: One Mom’s Journey

We are delighted to introduce Rhoa Rafeh of Olympia, Washington to the spott3r community! Rhoa started off as an overweight mom hoping to add fitness into her routine. It exploded into something bigger than she could have ever imagined! Rhoa enjoys a healthy lifestyle, and has been a Zumba instructor for the last 6 years.

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Rhoa’s biggest fitness achievement to date is being, simply, fit and healthy. She gained 60 pounds in her pregnancies and felt isolated and alone. As a social person, group fitness made sense to her. She started taking classes and realized, “hey I can do this!” So she did.

“It wasn’t until I became a licensed fitness instructor that I became religious about my workouts. I made connections with people and we became Zumba sisters…and a few Zumba brothers evolved as well.”

 unnamed (2) unnamed (3)(One of Rhoa’s creative smoothie concoctions that light up her enzymes and give her the energy to keep on dancing! Celery, banana, carrots, apple, red pepper, strawberry, frozen mango, and one whole lemon with the peel.)

What does Rhoa love the most about Zumba?

“There is something very powerful  about being in sync with a big group of people, moving in the same direction and dancing to the same music. You sweat and become in sync with a big group of people and that bonds you. Pretty soon an hour of moving and grooving is done,  you’ve burned tons of calories and you’ve had the time of your life. That’s a great workout that you can stick with and enjoy.”

Below is a photo of when Rhoa was her heaviest (190 pounds), before she discovered Zumba and became an instructor.

“My amazing husband, Zach, had been such a support to me and my kids inspire me to be better and do better every day. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired so I decided to become a Zumba instructor and here we are today!”

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Zumba has changed Rhoa’s life in so many positive ways. The energy blast she gets from teaching gives her the strength she needs to care for herself, for her family, and to keep up with everyday commitments.

And while Zumba has been extremely rewarding to Rhoa, it is in sharing it and celebrating the successes of her participants that she feels the most blessed.

“Watching them week after week as they become more familiar with the routines, more confident and comfortable with themselves, and improving their overall health and well-being. Zumba has changed my life on so many levels but the greatest reward is allowing me the opportunity to help others change theirs.”

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unnamedTo the right is a photo from when Rhoa added Les Mills Body Pump to her fitness schedule.

What else helps this Zumba queen to stay movitated? Music.

“Daddy Yankee is the best for livening up a class and great for infusing some hip hop, reggaeton genre. I love and use many of his songs for my Zumba routines, like Limbo, Ven Comigo, Pasarela, rompe, and Ella Me Levanto.”

Rhoa is a licensed Zumba, Aqua Zuma, Zuma Toning, and soon to be Pro skills Zumba licensed instructor. Her love at dance extends to another program through Les Mills international called Body Jam. The program lets you enjoy the sensation of dance through explosive movements and chart topping music.

Beyond dancing, Rhoa and her Zumba friends give back to the community by offering free classes through local parks and recreation, family and support services, and have participated in various “let’s move” campaigns to increase the importance of physical activity for individuals and families.

unnamed (8) Rhoa leaves us with one last piece of fitness newbies:

“Just try it! Getting there is the hardest step but once you’re there the music will move you, watching others of all ages and fitness levels dance will inspire you. Eventually you’ll make friends and it just becomes a part of your routine. You don’t ask yourself should I brush my teeth today? You just do, same goes for physical activity.”

To learn more about Rhoa, you can find her on Instagram as Live2dance360 and on Facebook. You can also find her on our Instagram, where she’ll be guest posting all week!


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