[Friday Five] Gym Ettiquette: 5 Things you Should Never do at the Gym

The gym is a special place – a place that is a comfort zone for many, a routine part of their day or a magical escape. Because so many share this location and even rely on it for their well being, its important to have a set of guidelines to ensure the gym remains a happy zone.

To make sure you are never “that” guy or girl, we put together a list of five things you must never do at the gym. Commit these gym faux paus and you don’t expect to be a favorite at your local spot!


1. Forget to wipe down equipment

Not only is this not sanitary, it’s gross! Leaving behind sweat on shared workout equipment can expose others to skin or airborne illnesses. At the very least, it sends the message that your peers should have to clean up your sweat for you – which isn’t going to win you any friends.

2. Grunt/make unnecessary noises

We know how hard you work to lift those weights – they’re heavy! Try not to distract those around you by making loud grunting noises when you do so. If anything, it makes others feel like they’re not working out hard enough if they don’t grunt and wheeze – before you know it the gym will sound like a zoo!


18f9f-aerobics 3. Wear inappropriate clothing

This applies to both guys and girls of all shapes and sizes. People come to the gym to get fit, not to compete in a bikini contest. Further, under dressing increases the likelihood of unsanitary effects (sweat, athlete’s food, etc.), which is not cool. Respect those around you and dress appropriately.

4. Douse yourself in perfume/cologne

This one may seem silly, but it can have a huge impact on those trying to work out around you. Wearing too much perfume makes it really hard for others to breath, especially if they’re sensitive to scents or have allergies. Just wipe off quickly before hitting the treadmills if your cologne packs a heavy punch. Everyone will thank you for it!

5. Lounge on equipment

It should be pretty clear at this point, but people come to the gym to work out. Many are on a limited time frame or even budget. Lounging on the equipment when you’re not using it may mean they a busy mom can’t get her full workout in that day. It also sends the message your time is more important than others’. Take your texts to the locker room or catch up with your fitness friend in the stretching area.


Did we miss your biggest gym pet peeve? Let us know in the comments below!


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Images via EFA, Huffington Post, Stylest Digest, Gymaholic.

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