13 Benefits of Gym Reimbursements

By now you know what fitness reimbursement programs are – that they are incentives from private health care to keep their customers healthy and happy. But the question is, who all actually benefits from gym reimbursements? Employers? Insurance companies?

The correct answer? All of them.

Below are 13 benefits of gym reimbursements, for all parties involved:

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1. Gives employees motivation to maintain a fitness regiment

2. Can increase fitness participation by as much as 300 percent

3. Makes living a healthy lifestyle attainable for those with financial limitations

4. Gives cash back for people to use on other things! (such as fun workout gear)


5. Helps employers to keep their employees healthy

6. Keeps healthcare costs low (read how this company saved $280,000 by implementing fitness programs)

7. Keeps employees happy, engaged, and ultimately more productive


Fitness Clubs

8. Creates a positive affinity for the gym

9. Increases overall gym traffic

10. Results in more memberships

Insurance companies

11. Allows insurance companies to insure healthier clients to reduce healthcare costs and reduce the risk of catastrophic claims

12. Positive PR

And lastly…

13. Allows society to come together to work for a healthier future for everyone!

Many insurance companies offer cash reimbursements to those that regularly visit the gym.Spott3r makes it super easy to take advantage of this insurance perk. All you have to do is fill out this form to get your free eligibility check. Spott3r member, Lindsay, just got her first gym reimbursement check of $20. That adds up to a yearly $240 cash in! Learn more here.

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