Spott3r Spotlight: Wilhelmina Giese

We are delighted to welcome Seattleite and fitness queen, Wilhelmina Giese, to the spott3r family! This 24-year-old college grad recently recovered from surgery on her ankle, and is ready to tear it back up at the gym!

“This summer has been focused on recovery and rehabbing my ankle. I have had to re-teach my right foot how to walk and strengthen the muscles in my ankle. Besides this injury I am an avid athlete, health freak and adventurer.”

image (1)

One week before her surgery, Wilhelmina attempted to summit Mt. Rainier.

I got to 12,500 ft and had to turn around due to 40mph winds. It was the best weekend of my life to say the least. I think everyone needs to push themselves to the limit truly see what they’re capable of and in that moment of reaching 12,500 ft I knew what I am capable of doing in this life.”

Her favorite type of workout? Circuit training. Here is her recipe for success:

Start with cardio (running for 30-45 minutes)


Choose 3-5 exercises and do 10-20 reps of each

Repeat 3-5 times

Cool down

What is her motivation for staying fit?

“One main motivator in my life is my mother, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. This past year she lost the ability to walk and drive, she has been battling this illness for nearly ten years. I feel there is no excuse for people to not exercise and practice healthy habits because so many people in the world cannot due to illness. Whenever I am tired or don’t want to go for a run I just think of my mother. I want to do the things she can no longer do.”

image (3)

Her biggest fitness accomplishment to date?

“I was a member of a Crossfit gym my senior year of college and one session I dead lifted 300 pounds, once.”

 Her current fitness goal?

“My current fitness goal is to rehab my ankle and this is a six month process until I can run and play soccer. Right now I have to focus on what my ankle can do and not think long term. I am taking life day by day.”

She knows she had a good workout when:

“When I leave the gym dripping in sweat, smiling.”




Wilhelminia prefers to listen to house music or rap when she’s sweating it out at the gym.

“I feel that music plays a huge role in the success of a workout and how it motivates me to do one more set.”

What’s playing on her iPod right now:

“Years” – Alesso

“Onto the Next on CyHi” – Jay Z

“Bulletproof” – The Prynce feat. Yelawolf

If she could give one piece of fitness advice to a newbie, what would it be?

“Take it slow and don’t try to keep up with others who have been going to the gym for years. Newbies are welcomed with open arms at the gym, and people want to help them reach their goals and improve their techniques. Don’t be afraid to try new things or cut foods out of your diet to reach your goals – you can do it!”

image (4) image (2)

Keep up with Wilhelmina’s fitness journey on our Instagram, where she will be posting updates all week! Want to meet more members of the spott3r family? Check out our spotlights on Britney, Lindsay, and Michelle!

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