How Companies Can Save Money With Fitness Programs

Companies are hopping on the fitness bandwagon and it’s paying off. Thanks to provisions in the Affordable Care Act, which offers companies incentives for implementing wellness programs, there are more reasons than ever for companies to take social responsibility (and save money while they’re at it!).

One such success story begins with Appirio, who managed to shave $280,000 off their insurance premiums through their program CloudFit. The program got started when Appirio signed up with Anthem, which offered the company $20,000 to start a wellness program. They used this to purchase and distribute Fitbits to their employees. Data from these devises were used to shave 5% off their premiums the following year – how’s that for a chunk of Change!

Want to get in on the action? There are a lot of ways for companies to take advantage of these savings.

Many insurance companies offer cash reimbursements to those that regularly visit the gym. Spott3r makes it super easy to take advantage of this insurance perk. All you have to do is fill out this form to get your free eligibility check. Spott3r member, Lindsay, just got her first gym reimbursement check of $20. That adds up to a yearly $240 cash in! Learn more here.





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